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Criminal Justice Degree Schools Top 25 Forensics Blogs

I'm happy to announce that this blog is on Criminal Justice Degree Schools' Top 25 Forensics Blogs list. Other blogs listed under the Computer Forensics category are Harlan Carvey's Windows Incident Response blog, Forensics from the Sausage Factory and The Digital Standard, all three of them are very good blogs that I recommend following if you are in the computer forensics field.

I did a short Q-and-A with Charles Sipe, Executive Editor of Criminal Justice Degree Schools, in order to get some more information about who they are and what they are doing.

Q: Who is your target audience?
A: Our target audience are individuals interested in entering or advancing in criminal justice career fields, which includes law enforcement and forensics related careers.

Q: How many and what persons are running the website?
A: We are a small privately held corporation that is growing with a team of 4 people plus contractors. I am the Editor of the site.

Q: Is a non-profit organization or company?
A: We are a for-profit company and our site is supported by advertising. It is free to use and there is no registration required.

Q: What is the goal/purpose with the website?
A: Our goal is to help those searching for career information to make informed decisions on fit and options for criminal justice careers and education. We gather information from a variety of sources to make it convenient for our readers to find information in one place. We feature thought leader interviews with law enforcement, paralegals, criminal justice professors, criminal justice association spokespeople and others to provide useful insights to prospective criminal justice students.

For more information, please check out their Forensics Degree and Career Center

Posted by Erik Hjelmvik on Friday, 25 February 2011 16:56:00 (UTC/GMT)

Tags: #Forensics

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