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Install NetworkMiner with apt-get

Doug Burks has done a great work integrating NetworkMiner into Security Onion. One really cool thing he has done is to build a Debian repository that includes NetworkMiner. This means that NetworkMiner (and its dependencies) can be installed on Debian / Ubuntu machines by using apt-get!

How to install NetworkMiner with a one-liner:

sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:securityonion/stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y install securityonion-networkminer

You can then start NetworkMiner with the following syntax:

/opt/networkminer/networkminer [optional-pcap-file]

NetworkMiner running on a vanilla Xubuntu machine

NetworkMiner running on a vanilla Xubuntu machine

Users of non-Debian OS's (i.e. other Linux flavors as well as Mac OS X and FreeBSD) will, however, still need to install NetworkMiner and Mono manually.

UPDATE 2014-06-25

NetworkMiner is now available in a few additional Linux packet handlers, such as Fedora's yum and Arch Linux's pacman. For more details, please see our HowTo install NetworkMiner in Ubuntu Fedora and Arch Linux blog post.
There are also instructions available for how to install NetworkMiner on Mac OS X.

Posted by Erik Hjelmvik on Monday, 10 September 2012 13:15:00 (UTC/GMT)

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Security Onion includes NetworkMiner

Doug Burks released a new ISO of his popular IDS/NSM Linux distro "Security Onion" a couple of days ago. This new ISO includes an installation of NetworkMiner straight out of the box. You can retrieve the Live install CD of Security Onion here:

You can also read more about how to install Security Onion here:

Starting NetworkMiner in Security Onion NetworkMiner can be started from: Applications > Security Onion > NetworkMiner

Doug has also, as part of the work of including NetworkMiner into Security Onion, built a debian package for NetworkMiner. This means that you can install NetworkMiner on a Debian Linux machine (including Ubuntu) with these commands:

apt-get install libmono-winforms2.0-cil
dpkg -i securityonion-networkminer_20111228_i386.deb 
mono /opt/networkminer/NetworkMiner.exe

We do, however, still recommend Linux users to install NetworkMiner “manually” with the commands supplied in our blog post “No more Wine - NetworkMiner in Linux with Mono

Finally, Security Onion is one of the great tools you can vote for in Russ McRee's 2011 Toolsmith Tool of the Year survey. Other great tools you can vote for are PacketFence and Volatility. Make sure you submit your vote before the survey ends on Tuesday (January 31):

Posted by Erik Hjelmvik on Friday, 27 January 2012 20:45:00 (UTC/GMT)

Tags: #Linux #NetworkMiner #Debian

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