S4x15 ICS Village PCAP Files

We've received permission from Dale Peterson and Reid Wightman to publish PCAP files from the SCADA Security Scientific Symposium 2015 (S4x15). The PCAP files were captured during the S4x15 Capture-the-Flag (CTF) competition, which was conducted in an ICS Village containing a variety of PLC's, HMI workstations and standard corporate IT PC's. A more detailed description of the S4x15 CTF and the devices in the ICS Village is available in an archived blog post.

PCAP files from industrial control system networks is a scarce resource, so would like to thank the S4 crew for allowing these PCAP files to be publicly shared. We'd also like to thank Stephen Hilt for setting up this ICS Village network!

S4x15 CTF PCAP files

File Name File Size Description
Advantech.pcap     39K Advantech PLC
BACnet_FIU.pcap     10M BACnet Internet
BACnet_Host.pcap      2M BACnet Corporate Zone
MicroLogix56.pcap     10M MicroLogix
Modicon.pcap    863K Modicon PLC
WinXP.pcap      3M Windows XP
iFix_Client86.pcap    965K iFix Client
iFix_Server119.pcap     13M iFix Server

S4x15 ICS Village Graphics

S4x15 ICS Village Network
ICS Village ICS Village