Publicly available PCAP files

This is a list of public packet capture (PCAP) repositories, which are freely available on the Internet.

Cyber Defence Exercises (CDX)

This category includes network traffic from exercises and competitions, such as Cyber Defense Exercises (CDX) and red-team/blue-team competitions.

MACCDC - Pcaps from National CyberWatch Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition

ISTS - Pcaps from the Information Security Talent Search

WRCCDC - Pcaps from the Western Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (over 1TB of PCAPs)

Captures from the "2009 Inter-Service Academy Cyber Defense Competition" served by Information Technology Operations Center (ITOC), United States Military Academy

Malware Traffic

Captured malware traffic from honeypots, sandboxes or real world intrusions.

Contagio Malware Dump: Collection of PCAP files categorized as APT, Crime or Metasplot
(the PCAP archive is hosted on DropBox and MediaFire)
WARNING: The password protected zip files contain real malware
Also see Contagio's PCAP files per case:

Malware analysis blog that shares malware as well as PCAP files

Attacks against high-interaction honeypots running on Docker and Kubernetes. Created by Noah Spahn, Nils Hanke, Thorsten Holz, Christopher Kruegel and Giovanni Vigna from University of California, Ruhr-Universität Bochum and CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security.

GTISK PANDA Malrec - PCAP files from malware samples run in PANDA, created by @moyix and GTISK

Stratosphere IPS - PCAP and Argus datasets with malware traffic, created by Sebastian Garcia (@eldracote) at the ATG group of the Czech Technical University

VM execution of info-stealer malware. Created by the Services, Cybersecurity and Safety research group at University of Twente.

Ponmocup malware/trojan (a.k.a. Milicenso) PCAP by Tom Ueltschi a.k.a. @c_APT_ure
(download temporarily unavailable)
Also see original source (password protected zip) and analysis writeup (text)

PCAP file with PowerShell Empire (TCP 8081) and SSL wrapped C2 (TCP 445) traffic from CERT.SE's technical writeup of the major fraud and hacking criminal case "B 8322-16".

Shadowbrokers PCAPs by Eric Conrad, including ETERNALBLUE and ETERNALROMANCE.

Network Forensics

Network forensics training, challenges and contests.

Hands-on Network Forensics - Training PCAP dataset from FIRST 2015
Files mirrored by Netresec:

ENISA's Network Forensics training

Digital corpora for use in computer forensics education research from DEEP (Digital Evaluation and Exploitation Department of Computer Science, Naval Postgraduate School).

PCAP files and logs covered in Nipun Jaswal's book Hands-On Network Forensics

Forensic Challenge 14 – "Weird Python" (The Honeynet ProjectThe Honeynet Project)

Packet capture analysis labs "Packet Sleuth" by Ming Chow of Tufts University

DFRWS 2008 Challenge

DFRWS 2009 Challenge

DFIR Madness, Case 001 PCAP Analysis

DFIR MONTEREY 2015 Network Forensics Challenge (by Phil Hagen of SANS) (answers)

SCADA/ICS Network Captures

4SICS ICS Lab PCAP files - 360 MB of PCAP files from the ICS village at 4SICS

Repo with ICS PCAP files developed as a community asset by Tim Yardley, Anton Shipulin and many more.

DigitalBond S4x15 ICS Village CTF PCAPs

Compilation of ICS PCAP files indexed by protocol (by Jason Smith)

PCAP files with OT and IT protocols used in Industrial Control Systems (by ICS Defense / ICS Savunma).

DEF CON 23 ICS Village CON 23/DEF CON 23 villages/DEF CON 23 ics village/DEF CON 23 ICS Village packet captures.rar (requires RAR v5)

TRITON execition of the TriStation protocol by Nozomi Networks

TriStation traffic

Chinese ICS CTF with Modbus/TCP and Siemens S7comm traffic (CTF WP – 工控业务流量分析)

ICS Cybersecurity PCAP repository by Univ. of Coimbra CyberSec team

Capture the Flag Competitions (CTF)

PCAP files from capture-the-flag (CTF) competitions and challenges.

Note: Sniffing CTF's is known as "capture-the-capture-the-flag" or CCTF.

DEFCON CTF PCAPs from DEF CON 17 to 24 (look for the big RAR files inside the ctf directories)

DEFCON CTF 2018 PCAP files

CSAW CTF 2011 pcap files

Pcap files from UCSB International Capture The Flag, also known as the iCTF (by Giovanni Vigna)

HackEire CTF Challenge pcaps from IRISSCON (bzip2 compressed PCAP-NG file)

PhreakNIC CTF from 2016 (by _NSAKEY). Contains traffic to/from the target, the NetKoTH scoring server and the IRC server.

Packet Injection Attacks / Man-on-the-Side Attacks

PCAP files from research by Gabi Nakibly et al. in Website-Targeted False Content Injection by Network Operators

Packet injection against, released by Fox-IT at BroCon 2015

Packet injection against, doing a redirect to (read more)

Packet injection against, doing a redirect to (read more)

Pcap files for testing Honeybadger TCP injection attack detection

Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attacks (a.k.a. "in-path attacks") in Turkey and Egypt discovered by Bill Marczak (read more).

Uncategorized PCAP Repositories

Wireshark Sample Capures

Chappell University Trace Files

"The Ultimate PCAP" by Johannes Weber containing over 60 different protocols, such as IPv6 and legacy IP traffic, different DNS query types, ICMP error codes, and so on.

Nicholas Russo's "Job Aid" packet capture list

TcpReplay Sample Captures

Applied Communication Sciences' MILCOM 2016 datasets

Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) UNSW-NB15 data set (100 GB)

DARPA Intrusion Detection Data Sets from 1998 and 1999 Packet Captures (Jeremy Stretch)

Mixed PCAP file repo with a great deal of BACnet traffic (by Steve Karg)

Wireshark Network Analysis Study Guide (Laura Chappell) (see "Book Supplements" or use this direct link to the 1.5 GB pcap file set)

Wireshark 101 Essential Skills for Network Analysis (Laura Chappell) (see "Book Supplements" or use this direct linkt to the 400 MB zip file)

Laura's Lab Kit v.9 ISO image (old)

Freely available packet captures collected by Chris Sanders

Sample capture files from: "Practical Packet Analysis - Using Wireshark to Solve Real-World Network Problems" by Chris Sanders

Megalodon Challenge by Jasper Bongertz - "a real world network analysis problem, with all its confusion, drawbacks and uncertainties" (3.8 GB sanitized PCAP-NG files)
Blog post:
Direct link:

Pcaps and logs generated in @elcabezzonn's lab environment. Spans from malware, to normal traffic, to pentester tools

Anonymous FTP connections to public FTP servers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory from 2003

Understand project Downloads - Lots of different capture file formats (pcap, pcapng/ntar, pcangpklg and more...)

I Smell Packets (website)

Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity (CIC) datasets

Research PCAP datasets from FOI's Information Warfare Lab (FOI is The Swedish Defence Research Agency)
(download temporarily unavailable)

Technical challenges used by Sweden's National Defence Radio Establishment (FRA) for recruitment. Includes several PCAP challenges.

WITS: Waikato Internet Traffic Storage (traces in ERF format with headers plus 4 bytes of application data)
The FTP site uses rate limiting for IPv4 connections, but no ratelimit for IPv6 connections.

SimpleWeb captures (mainly packet headers)

Wireless LAN Traces from ACM SIGCOMM'01 (no application layer data)

Single PCAP files

500 MB capture file from an F5 BIG-IP device vilnerable to CVE-2020–5902 (by the NCC Group)

MDSec, Packets from a GSM 2.5G environment showing uplink/downlink, two MS devices, SIM APDU information.

SDN OpenFlow pcap-ng file by SDN/IPv6 expert Jeff Carrell.
(download temporarily unavailable)

Demo of JexBoss (Jboss EXploitation Tool) "JBoss exploits - View from a Victim" by Andre M. DiMino

Raul Siles, “Pcap files containing a roaming VoIP session”

Russ McRee, W32/Sdbot infected machine

Sandboxes that Generate PCAP Files

Triage Sandbox

Hybrid Analysis Sandbox

ANY.RUN Interactive Sandbox

Joe Sandbox Cloud

Cuckoo Sandbox

CAPE Sandbox


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