Shop Process

Step 1 - Select Product Select your desired product and enter details about the user
Step 2 - Confirm Review and confirm your order
Step 3 - Pay Pay your ordered product online with Visa or MasterCard
Step 4 - Download Download you purchased software

Netresec Online Store

The Netresec online store allows customers to buy our products through electronic software distribution (ESD). This means that the product will not be physically shipped, so the end-user won't receive any USB drive or printed user manual. However, there are many benefits of doing an ESD purchase, such as:

  • No shipping charges (physical shipments can cost up to $ 200 USD)
  • Quicker software delivery (download link available after purchase)
  • Reduced environmental impact

A download link will be sent to the end-user's email address shortly after the purchase has been completed. However, please note that the initial software download only contains a temporary license (valid for 30 days from the order date). The final end-user license (which is valid for 3 years) will be sent via email after your order has been manually processed and approved. You might have to wait up to 5 business days before receiving the final end-user license.

Please note that you can only buy Single User Licenses in our online store. To purchase a Corporate License, please send us a NetworkMiner or CapLoader order form.


Enter User Details for the License

* We do not accept free email services, such as Hotmail or Gmail. Please use your email address at the purchasing company/organization.

** Phone number is used for delivery of a one-time password via SMS text. A phone number is not required if the end-user email address supports PGP encrypted emails.