NetworkMiner Professional

NetworkMiner Professional USB flash drive

There are two forms of licenses available for NetworkMiner Professional:

Single User License

Corporate License

Delivery Options

Note: The product is exactly the same, regardless of delivery method.

Product Specifications

A specification of the features included in NetworkMiner Professional can be downloaded as a PDF file.


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Standard process for purchasing a NetworkMiner Professional license:

  1. Download the NetworkMiner Professional order form
  2. Fill out the form and e-mail it to
  3. After we have processed your order we will email you a pro-forma invoice, which shall be paid before we deliver your ordered product(s)
  4. Pay the pro-forma invoice by bank transfer or with credit card
  5. Your purchased product will now be delivered to you!
See our Terms and Conditions for payment and delivery terms.

The NetworkMiner Professional order form can be used to purchase one Corporate License and up to 5 individual Single User Licenses. We'd be happy to provide a quote for a Corporate License if you need one, contact and we'll help you out.

NetworkMiner Professional is also available as part of our Network Forensics Bundle.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Q: Do I need to supply the first and last name of the user when buying a single user license?
A: Yes, we will need to know the name of the user when buying a single user license. You will need to buy a corporate license if you do not wish to register the software to a specific person.

Q: Can I buy a single user license for only one year?
A: No, The shortest validity time for a single user license is 3 years.

Q: What happens when a single user license expires?
A: The software will no longer start, you will need to buy a new license to continue using the product.

Q: What happens if I don't extend the support for my corporate license?
A: The software will continue working just as before, but you will not receive any updates/new versions.

Q: Can we get a discount?
A: No, we never provide discounts. Not even to resellers, distributors, academic institutions, law enforcement or government organizations.

Q: Is a USB dongle or other form of hardware key needed to run the software?
A: No.

Q: Is a NetworkMiner Professional FIPS compliant?
A: No, NetworkMiner Professional uses cryptographic algorithms that are not FIPS 140-compliant. FIPS enforcement must be disabled on the PC in order to run NetworkMiner Professional.